Integrasi Sains dan Agama di Perguruan Tinggi Sebagai Upaya Mengikis dikotomi Ilmu

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Istikomah Istikomah


The integration of science at university has continued to roll in both public and religious colleges. It does not mean that this concept of integration unite the two sciences, namely religion and general science become a unity and this is not possible, because the two sciences have different nature. The concept of integration here means an academic climate at the university or college that has not been found in the dichotomy of science, in the sense that public higher education was initially limited to general studies of both natural science, social science and humanities. Public universities are now also opening study programs related with studies Islamic sciences such as, Islamic Economics study programs at Airlangga University Surabaya and Brawijaya University Malang, Islamic Banking and Finance at the Bandung Institute of Technology, Islamic Education at the Indonesian Education University in Bandung and others. Likewise Islamic religious universities such as the IAIN which initially only focused on religious studies only with religious faculties such as Tarbiyah, Da'wah, Ushuluddin, Shari'ah and Adab, in the early 21st century IAIN fused and changed into a State Islamic University by opening Faculty and general study programs such as science, engineering, economics and health. With the above portraits, so at universities in Indonesia there has now been an integration of knowledge and automatically the dichotomy of science is no longer visible


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