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Tauhedi As’ad


The phenomenon of violence in the name of religion is often used by political power interests. Relations between religion and the state became an affair throughout the period so that the occurrence of acts of violence both violence and physical violence. Thinking violence occurs because the results of their scientific discourse are so minimal that they feel right themselves and others are blamed for the emergence of labeling kurafat, thagut and bid'ah-syirik. While physical violence occurs because of negative labeling for opponents of different ideologies so they dare to bomb suicide, bomb religious places of worship and other forms of violence. Both are inseparable from the reality that surrounds it, if someone uses the tools of extreme thinking and rigidity then the results and actions are extreme and rigid, on the contrary if someone uses soft and polite thinking tools, the results and actions will be gentle and polite in religion. Evidenced in the history of classical Islamic civilization, jihad and war are used for acts of violence that are different from the flow and class as in the case of the friends and the Umayyads and Abbasids were healed from both theologians, philosophers and jurists until the development of contemporary century. So this reasoning, using reasoning according to Muhammad Abid al-Jabiri is forming reasoning and formed with a historical, structuralist and ideological approach. The criticism of the theocentric Islamic paradigm of reasoning to anthropocentric Islamic reasoning The author offers a vision of religious humanism and nationalism to safeguard the Pancasila ideology as a state ideology and practice the values ​​of the nation's peace and the State of the Republic of Indonesia


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Tauhedi As’ad, Dosen PAI Universitas Jember

Universitas Jember